Timeless Elegance for Your Wedding

The Masonic Event Center has everything you need to make your special day perfect.

Why Choose the Masonic Event Center for Your Wedding?

There’s nothing quite like the moment two lives are joined together. It’s sacred, and it should happen in a beautiful space. At that moment, everyone should be focused on the significance and romance of it, not on bills, arrangements, or stress.

The Masonic Event Center is  the perfect location for that lovely wedding experience. Here you’ll find beautiful classic architecture and decor, rooms that are the perfect size for intimate or grand weddings, and amenities and advice to make your preparation and celebration stress-free.

With hundreds of wedding venues in Northern Illinois, calling ours “perfect” may seem like a stretch. But the reason we make that claim is because we can help you create the event that marks your new life in a way that’s perfect for you.


Timeless Beauty

The bride’s entrance. The ceremony itself. The photos will record your happiness forever in this timeless and elegant setting. Classic architecture and tasteful decor provide rooms which are beautiful by themselves, but won’t get “in the way” when you choose your own wedding decor. The neo-classical columns provide the perfect background for memorable outdoor shots of the wedding party and families.

Perfect for Your Reception

Our ballroom is ideal for your reception. Finished in the timeless, elegant style found throughout the Event Center, Equipped with a full bar and a dais, it is an excellent location for the wedding party or a band. Using the lovely Crystal Room for your vows? The adjoining room puts your reception just steps away, and is included in the Crystal Room’s rental fee. 

On-Site Bar Service

Give your guests great beverages, stress-free. Our onsite mixologist can provide excellent spirits, saving you time and money.

Location, Location, Location

The Masonic Center isn’t just easier on your finances, it’s easier for your guests. Freeport is less than 40 minutes from Rockford and can be reached easily by guests traveling from Chicagoland, Madison, Milwaukee, and Dubuque. Additionally, we’re just two blocks from a four-star hotel, just the place for your guests or a great overnight stay for you before heading out to your dream honeymoon.

Just the Right Space

If your wedding is an intimate gathering, a huge event, or anywhere in between, we have the exact spot to fit your needs. You might choose the Crystal Room, an intimate space featuring polished granite floors, elegant decor, and a fireplace. Or you may need our fully equipped auditorium which features abundant seating for 1,200, backdrops, completely unobstructed sight lines from every seat, full stage lighting, and an excellent sound system. Other rooms, such as our classic ballroom, are perfect for sizes in between.


Access Before Event

Many venues charge extra fees if you wish to decorate your chosen space before the day of your event. We feel you should have the freedom to make the space your own, so we give you full access, free of charge, on the business day before your event.


Your wedding should create an eternal bond, not bills that last for years! The Masonic Event Center is the most affordable wedding venue in the Freeport area, and we can save you thousands of dollars compared to venues in Rockford or Chicagoland. Even in cases where the rental charge is comparable, we’re able to offer spaces that are larger, more elegant, or both, for the same amount.